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What you need to know for the 2021 Elections

2021 Election 

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Where do I vote?

Find where you vote, what times polls are open and why polling places sometimes change.



St Paul 



Know Your Rights 

Read rules for polling place behavior, learn about your rights and find out how to file a complaint. 


WHAT'S ON THE ELECTION DAY BALLOT IN Minneapolis & St Paul 2021?



City Council

Park Board At-Large

District Park Board

Board of Estimates and Taxation

3 Ballot Questions:

  1. Government Structure: Executive Mayor-Legislative council
  2. Public Safety
  3. Rent Stabilization



School Board


Voters may also have one or more of these races on their ballot:


City Council


Park Board At-Large

Park Board District

Board of Estimates and Taxation




School Board


Ballot Question 1


Question 1:

Government Structure: Executive Mayor-Legislative Council

Shall the Minneapolis City Charter be amended to adopt a change in its form of government to an Executive Mayor-Legislative Council structure to shift certain powers to the Mayor, consolidating administrative authority over all operating departments under the Mayor, and eliminating the Executive Committee?

Explanation: This Ballot question gives full control to the Mayor of Minneapolis over every department. 

There is a group of people that is called the executive committee. This group of people are part of the vetting process for any department Head. The amendment would get rid of that executive committee giving full control to the mayor to do the vetting, hiring and firing.


Ballot Question 2:

Department of Public SafetyShall the Minneapolis City Charter be amended to remove the Police Department and replace it with a Department of Public Safety that employs a comprehensive public health approach to the delivery of functions by the Department of Public Safety, with those specific functions to be determined by the Mayor and City Council by ordinance; which will not be subject to exclusive mayoral power over its establishment, maintenance, and command; and which could include licensed peace officers (police officers), if necessary, to fulfill its responsibilities for public safety, with the general nature of the amendments being briefly indicated in the explanatory note below, which is made a part of this ballot?


Additional Notes:  State statute 626.88 requires certain duties to be performed by Licenced Police officers 

Voting yes on this Question does NOT get rid of Police officers.


If question 2 passes: The City of Minneapolis Mayor and City Council MAY call for a Department of Public safety which WILL include licensed peace officers (police officers, qualified non-police professionals such as  Mental health practitioners, security guards, and Social workers. There WILL be a Commissioner of Public Safety and the department’s functions WILL be determined by both the Mayor and City Council. 


Ballot Question 3:


Shall the Minneapolis City Charter be amended to authorize the City Council to regulate rents on private residential property in the City of Minneapolis, with the general nature of the amendments being indicated in the explanatory note below, which is made a part of this ballot?

Explanation: Right now landlords can control rent prices. Rent in Minneapolis can go up and down, this Charter would maintain how much rent prices can go up and down each year. It would allow for city council and mayor to put rent control policy to voters in a future election. If this Ballot question passes it would mean that voters can decide if they want their rent prices controlled in the next election cycle.

This change to the city’s charter would not immediately enact rent control or stabilization in Minneapolis but allow City Council authority to put a rent control policy to voters in a future election. Current state law bans rent control with the sole exception that cities can enact a policy if that voters approve it by ballot measure, which is what St. Paul voters will be voting on this cycle in their municipal elections. For Minneapolis, the charter’s unique language requires a two-step voting process that requires permission from voters to bring forward a policy, before any discussion of policy substance and language. The vote on question three change to the city charter this November is solely a procedural one. A yes on three provides a legal pathway for Minneapolis to enact rent control/stabilization policies in the future with voters still having the ability to vote on its substance in an election before it becomes law. 



In Minnesota, you can register or update your registration at your polling place on Election Day :


Registered to vote?You do not have to be registered to vote to apply for an absentee ballot, but it makes the process easier. You can check your voter registration status online. If you need to register or update your voter registration, you may want to do that online before applying for an absentee ballot.

If you face any harassment or issues at the polling because of your race, religion or any form of this feel free to contact us CAIR-Minnesota 612-206-3360 

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