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Join NO BAN Rally Minnesota Saturday Feb 1st 1-3pm

Join Rally

Location: Federal Building 300 4th St.

Time: 1pm to 3pm

Hear from impacted communities and stand against Trump’s expansion of the #MuslimBan.

On Friday, the Trump administration expanded the current travel ban adding six new countries. Nationals from Eritrea, Kyrgyzstan, Myanmar, Nigeria, Sudan and Tanzania. This ban continues to target Muslim majority countries and now expands to more African countries. The ban goes into effect on Feb 20th, 2020.

Because the Supreme Court upheld the 2017 Muslim Ban, individuals from Libya, Iran, Somalia, Yemen, Syria, North Korea, and Venezuela remain subject to travel restrictions.

For immigrants in Minnesota and their families from the targeted countries, this ban means that families will be separated from each other. This ban continues in a long legacy of this country and administration’s racist policies and regulations that are arbitrary determiners of who can and cannot travel to America.

A coalition of community organizations will rally in Minneapolis to speak out against President Trump’s slamaphobic policy.


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