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8 Know Your Rights Tips for Travelers & Immigrants (CAIR)











CAIR-MN Share: 8 Know Your Rights Tips for travelers & immigrants

1- do not leave the US if you are you here on a visa from the following countries Iraq Iran Libya Somalia Sudan Syria and Yemen
2- regardless of your immigration status contact CAIR are or a trusted immigration attorney before traveling outside the United States

3-if you know of anyone traveling to the US have them contact CAIR our office or trusted immigration attorney near the airport of entry

4-do not submit any forms for immigration benefits without first contacting an attorney for review and guidance.

5-Do Not speak with or sign any documents from law enforcements or any immigrants immigration officers without first contacting an attorney.

6- Always carry valid immigration documents with you (ex.-green card or work permit).

7- Keep copies of all your immigration documents in your car and at your home.

8- Keep all foreign documents in a safe place and do NOT carry them with you.

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